7 Reasons Why It’s Good To Have Few Friends

You may find it difficult to make new friends. If this is the case, you are certainly not the only one who has had to deal with this.

Instead of making you depressed, after this article you will know why it is good to have few friends.

In this article I share my own experience, the change from the time when I had a large circle of friends to when I only had a few close friends.

Everyone likes to be surrounded by people and to be in the spotlight, but sooner or later you will realize that there are fewer of them.

Below you can read the 7 conclusions that I found out in both high school and university.

1. You can be yourself.

If you have few friends who are trustworthy, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they will like you.

They have already chosen to be friends with you and they are not going to analyze you again.

So you are free to be yourself. You can share your thoughts without fear that they will judge you.

2. You don’t get involved in drama.

The smaller your circle of friends, the less room there will be for drama. You don’t have to argue or argue about stupid things.

This always happened to me, while treating everyone well. To avoid everyday drama, simply limit the number of friends you have.

3. It helps you to follow a simple routine.

Do you ever get interrupted by your friends when you’re trying to check off important things on your list? Naturally. That is the result of a large group of friends, because you can’t say no to them.

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And they won’t understand on their own, because they’re not your real friends. They only pretend because then they have someone to hang out with.

Having a few friends not only helps you stick to your routine , but it boosts your productivity by helping you with your small tasks.

They help you with things instead of making plans to go to the club and asking you to join them.

“I’d rather be a loser with no friends than have friends who secretly hate me.” — MASSION BLOC

4. People see you as a threat.

Only a few people will take you seriously and know how unique you are. It may seem negative, but in the end it will help you.

If only a few people really know you, the haters will only make you more popular.

5. You also don’t have to listen to other people’s stories for so long.

When it comes to life, people have intense feelings and just want to be able to share them with someone.

If you have to sit down and listen to the stories of 10 to 20 friends, you will achieve nothing.

It is important to set priorities; the people who really matter and care about you should be your priority.

There are people walking around who are very obsessed with themselves. They don’t see anyone else.

6. You will find out who your emergency contacts are.

You may have heard people say that it is only when you are in a precarious situation that you find out who your real friends are.

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This sounds cliché because it is true. This happened to one of my friends.

She is always good to everyone, but once she was ill, there was no one to help her.

Then I realized that we need to be aware of who our real friends are and who are not.

7. You really get things done.

So by saving time and energy you get the chance to really get things done. Drinking a lot with your friends and smoking like a heretic will get you nothing but trouble.

If you meet up with a lot of people, you won’t feel comfortable telling your dreams to narrow-minded people.