Short Lessons From Previous Relationships

Relationships, breakups, and reconciliations occur frequently today. Each of us is either dating or in a relationship. If not, you might be waiting to meet your ideal partner.

Most of us had previously had a broken relationship in which you were dumped, you cheated on someone, or anything else that ended to ruining your relationship. You can be acting as though you’ve forgotten about the other person.

But until and unless you have fully accepted that everything that has happened has been for your betterment, that person will always be alive somewhere inside of that connection.

You may be experiencing regret, resentment, wrath, and pain inside your heart. If you are still stuck in between the recollections, your history may be horrifying for you in the present. It’s never simple to move on when there were real feelings involved.

We do, however, learn a lot from our past. Our maturity level has increased as a result of our past blunders. We learn from our mistakes. Never ever place the blame for anything that went wrong on your history.

Always keep in mind that everything occurs for a purpose. Not everything that enters your life is meant to stay. But the most crucial thing is to continually be learning. The following is a list of lessons you should take away from your prior relationship.

Read some short lessons from previous relationship below;

Unconditional love is not unconditional tolerance.

Maturity is when you realize that your dreams are more important than any damn person.

Be mindful of who can access you. Access is a privilege, not a right.

Be with someone who chooses you everyday, not just when they are in the mood for you.

Do not go back. A person who treated you terribly will do ti again and again, and again.

What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy.

Stop searching for “the one”. There’s more than one person in the world that are right for you.

Exes aren’t friends. You dont have to keep them in your life just because they want to stay.

Once a cheater always a cheater. Cheating says a lot about someone but that’s something they can change, it’s hard to know when they’ve changed for real this time you could get hurt but in that terms anybody can hurt youBe careful who you give your heart to.

Where there is respect and communication, there is love. Like water and soil is to a plant.

Be wary of people who do not show interest in taking care of their mental health (and specially wary of unattended personality disorders).

There is no such thing as trusting someone a 100%.

Every detail about this person’s life is telling you something about them. Pay attention to family and friends relationships.

Be vocal about what you do not like, your expectations and feelings. Walk away if the other person constantly invalidates your feelings.

If an argument ever escalates to physical violence just once, LEAVE. Don’t ever believe that’s the love you deserve.

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Listen to your gut, if it does not feel right it’s probably not right.

I am enough and I can be happy with or without someone by my side. I am no longer afraid of being alone nor I regard having a relationship as a goal in life.

And finally, you’re nobody’s saviour. We are here to save ourselves.

Sexting gets unexciting after some time. And it’s overrated.

Cam-sex gets boring as the time passes.

Distant relationship sucks.

Love happens not just twice, but every time your testosterone level goes high.

Ignoring your friends over your girlfriend is the most foolish decision of your life.

Investing your time in a relationship that has no future is like creating an account on Facebook. Any Mark can come and steal your girlfriend.

Being in a relationship makes you do some stupid things like calling your girlfriend Baby. It is seriously Yuck!!

Teenage love is fiercer than the love in twenties.

The more mature you become, the more calculative love becomes.

Always choose your parents over your love.

Don’t marry for money…But go where rich people are, and marry for love.

If your boyfriend allows you to drink alcohol and smoke shish. Trust me he doesn’t see you in his future.

Before you start using your body to settle financial needs, always remember there is no end to financial needs.

There’s nothing worse than realizing you shouldn’t have told someone so much about yourself.

Friendships have red flags too.

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

Dating someone that believes in you is so important.

Never marry someone you can’t play with because marriage is not a military ground.

Knowing that you are loved by someone is the best feeling you could ever have.

Don’t make decisions just to cry over the consequence.

Stop breaking your own heart by exaggerating your importance in people’s lives.

Every relationship is a lesson.

Think about your happiness first. If there’s love, your happiness will be your partner’s and vice versa.

We were made to be with someone we can be comfortably quiet with.

Red flags are not a taboo. Talk about them.

Leave abusive and toxic relationships as soon as possible. It can be your friend, partner or even a parent.

Communicate. Have an open, meaningful conversation at least once a week.

Your partner should be your best friend.

Talk about your priorities.

Every person needs some space.

You won’t change a whole person, they won’t change you either.

Great sex ≠ great match.

Be kind.

Money means nothing when you’re both unhappy.

Stay financially independent.

Have fun together. Go to the theater, take up a new hobby together, maybe a sport you both always wanted to try.

Never ever try being someone else.

You are allowed to do anything you want with your appearance and it’s your decision. Love is unconditional.

Relationships are for making us satisfied and happy.

There is no rush.

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Relationships usually don’t last forever.

People may slightly change their priorities as they grow up.

Sometimes you just need to go on a long week vacation with your partner. If you can’t stand a week, you won’t stand a whole life.

You should be able to feel like home just by looking at your other half.

Life is beautiful, but not everyone sees it the way you do.

Always tell when something bothers you.

If your partner doesn’t want you to meet their friends or acts way different around them, run. These people may know more than you do.

Sometimes “Thank you for your presence” means more than repetitive “I love you”.

Look at actions, not words.

Routine is not bad, lack of feelings is.

Don’t beg people to stay. They will leave at the most unexpected moment.

Making pros & cons list speaks for itself. You don’t need to write things down to know if someone is worth it or not.

It’s important to know how your partner treats his/her siblings, parents, friends etc.

We all deserve to be happy.

There is no right explanation for being disrespectful. This is simply wrong.

There is someone who is your ONE.

You don’t really appreciate the advantages of being single unless you’ve had a bad relationship.

Even unconditional love won’t work if compatibility is absent.

Sacrificing your peace/family/friendships/academics for your relationship is just not worth it.

Red flags are never ‘invisible’. It’s the people who choose to be blind to them.

You don’t deserve to be with someone who plays on your insecurities, gaslights you in the name of fun and makes you feel pathetic about yourself.

Proper communication can fix many things.

You aren’t really fit to date until you no more require anybody else to make you feel happy and complete.

The one who’s more frequent at the ‘giving end’ is bound to suffer more.

The idea of love is seriously overhyped.

There’s no point in rushing with it. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to be, with whom-ever it’s supposed to be.

Without loyalty love is a sickness. If the person you are with has broken your trust, the love you still have for them is toxic to your body and mind. Purge it fast and hard.

If you have to jump through hoops for someone’s affection, you’re with a narcissist. Forget the jumping, run, because people like this only become more selfish over time.

Most all of the deal breakers in your relationship that is now ending, were all the red flags popping up you ignored in the beginning. Don’t let infatuation blind your better judgment.

Conversely, don’t be too quick to judge or read into things that aren’t there. If something is questionable or concerning, delve deeper, but be prudent. Don’t cut people loose because you foolishly assumed wrong.

The most charismatic men are often the most philandering. If you meet a guy that is ‘oh so smooth’ and confident, you may want to check, because he’s got cheater written all over him. Either that, or he’s really into you and the chemistry is supernatural.

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People are on their best behavior for about the first 3 months of a relationship. After that? Their ugly side emerges. We all have a dark side. The question is, can you handle theirs?

Everyone has baggage and some people are well traveled. A person’s hardships can be the best life experience. Some of the strongest people have the deepest scars.

If you’re growing as a person because of the relationship, but your relationship is loaded with problems, the problem is you.

Loving someone gives you courage. Being loved by that same someone gives you strength. There are no words in the English language to express this, but this kind of courage and strength are different than anything else.

When things aren’t going good in your relationship, watch out for people who suddenly come out of the woodwork to make the situation worse. For one reason or another, they see an opportunity to manipulate you into breaking up.

Don’t run to your family with your relationship problems. They’re not going to give you unbiased advice and chances are you’re only telling them half of the story. It is, however, a great way to turn your family against your partner and create unnecessary drama.

If you have relationship problems, go to an objective, intelligent, person for advice. Start by telling them what YOU did wrong to ensure an honest assessment. If you’re unable to be completely honest, then you’re at least part of the problem.

Never go to friends for relationship advice that have a bad relationship history. They’re only going to cheerlead your version and talk trash about the person that isn’t present. As they always do.

Be with someone that brings out the best version of you. You shouldn’t have to be something you’re not. At the same time though, change is good if it makes you better and you’re happier for it.

If the person you’re with challenges you in life and helps you achieve beyond your ordinary capacity to excel, you have found yourself an amazing soul that will stand by you as you conquer the world.

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In the worst of circumstances, a person that isn’t willing to die protecting you, will never live for you. Show me someone that fully celebrates your life, and I’ll show you someone that will readily stand with you in death.


We hope you did enjoy reading the short lessons from previous relationships. Did you find any advice or lesson helpful? Do you have a lesson you would like to share with us? Share in the comment section with us.