Nov 4, 2022

Top 24 Takeoff Quotes And Sayings

Alexandra C. Gross
Alexandra C. Gross

Looking for Takeoff Quotes? Rapper Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball is from the United States. He was best known for being a part of the hip hop group Migos, along with his uncle, Quavo and first cousin once removed Offset.

The viral hit “Versace” by Migos peaked at number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013. Although he started generating beats and rhythms in the seventh grade, his career as a musician did not start until 2011. Takeoff was a well-known member of the hip-hop group Migos.

The hip-hop group Migos, which included Takeoff’s uncle Quavo and first cousin once removed Offset, is best known for its members.

He was fatally shot on November 2, 2022, during a dice game in a club in Houston, Texas, the United States of America.

The tragic incident, according to accounts, occurred near the 1200block of Polk Street in Houston’s downtown area as the rapper and a few buddies were playing a dice game.

The report further claims that when the police came, they found two victims who had been shot many times at the location. When they arrived at the nearby hospital, the first victim was already dead, while the second was in a serious condition.

Later, the Houston police confirmed that Takeoff was indeed the shooting incident’s deceased victim.

Read some Takeoff Quotes below;

We want our legacy to stand upon the youth. We want to give knowledge to the younger generation and be a part of changing the game.

You gotta bless others so you can get blessed. Keep it real.

You gotta stay on your P’s and Q’s. When you popping so hard, got these blessings coming down, you got the devil tryin' to get at you.

We trendsetters, not trend sweaters.

Migos ain’t stopping. We’re gonna keep getting better and better.

Growing up, I was trying to make it in music. I was grinding, which is just what I loved doing. I didn’t have nothing else to do. In my spare time, I’d record myself. Find a beat, pulling em up. Just making something and creating for me.

That’s my boy, Obama. I’m rocking with him until the end, ‘til the wheels fall off.

You gotta watch everything. You gotta watch how you move, ‘cause you a celebrity. You’re a target now, so you always gotta do that. Just stay on your tippy toes.

We play a beat for 15, 20 seconds and know if we want to get on it. When we record a verse, it’s no more than 15, 20 minutes. We don’t have a pen and paper. We bounce off each other.

I’m not gonna say something unless I really feel comfortable around you. Unless I feel like I know you, I’m not gonna really open up.

People think that you’re gonna come out, be a one-hit wonder, and finished. You gotta prove ‘em wrong.

My brothers are my security.

You gotta give back - it’s only right to give back to the people who need it and are less fortunate.

Whatever you say about the Migos, we gonna change your mind.

We never clocked a job.

We owned the mixtape game, and every mixtape we put out was like an album.

Before we were Migos, we were called Polo Club and wore them thangs. It was cool back then, but now it’s whack.

We work pretty fast. I might be working, and I might knock out two, three songs. Quavo might come in two, three himself. Offset might come and do the same.

Everybody trying to bite the style ever since we made ‘Versace.’ But they don’t give us credit.

I ain’t never did no sports. I just always wanted to rap.

When Quavo was out doing sports, I was in the studio, what we call the bando, making music, going hard.

My momma’s my hairdresser.

You gotta have fun with a song, make somebody laugh. You gotta have character. A hard punchline can make you laugh, but you gotta know how to say it.

I don’t say too much. Quavo and Offset - I don’t talk as much as they talk. I observe the scene.

In about seventh grade, that’s when we started playing around with beats, rhymes.


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