9 Traits of a Good Girlfriend

There are many men who are ready to start something serious and for that they are looking for a good girlfriend.

There are men who are looking for the right girlfriend who will make them feel like they have found their other half. The intention is great, but they are trying to make their dreams come true with the wrong women.

If you are a mature man looking for a good woman to start a relationship with, it helps to know what a good girlfriend looks like.

1. A good girlfriend is not easy

You don’t get what you want right away. She won’t dance to the rhythm you play – she will dance to her own music.

She won’t start the conversation with too much information. You can stop dreaming about her nude pictures because she has principles. She knows what it takes to find a good man.

2. She won’t praise you all the time

You don’t have to ask her for space.

One of the signs that your girlfriend is a good friend will be seen in the freedom you get. She won’t pull your hand and beg you to spend all your time with her.

She will give you space without you asking. A good friend is a mature woman who also happens to need her space.

3. A good friend is a woman and not a girl

If you’re looking for a responsible woman who can follow every step of a grown man, don’t start your search with an 18-year-old girl.

She may be perfect, but what do a grown man and a girl have in common in the long run?

A good friend has been in this world for quite some time to gain some life experience and to know how life works.

That’s why it’s good to have her as your girlfriend.

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4. It’s okay if you don’t share all interests

And you shouldn’t. Being a good friend doesn’t mean that you like everything the other person likes or that you do everything the same.

Sometimes opposites attract. It is not necessary that she also enjoys the things you love to do.

Instead, she will use that opportunity to do the things she enjoys and you can enjoy sharing your day later. You’ll probably be glad you spent some time doing things you enjoy.

5. A good friend makes you forget all previous women

She won’t be anything your ex was and you won’t even think about comparing her to your ex. Do you know why?

Because she’s only a good friend and she doesn’t seem to do anything your ex did.

Since she’s fine, you don’t even have to think about another woman. Why even bother – she will always look better compared to them.

6. She’s not a model

And that shouldn’t bother you unless you’re Ryan Gosling yourself. She is not Adriana Lima but wears her own beauty.

The problem is that men want a good girlfriend to date, but they also expect her to be a top model.

It’s okay to have a few flaws here and there, because in the end they won’t matter. Forget them – they are irrelevant if you have the right woman next to you.

7. A good friend doesn’t give ultimatums

She won’t give you ultimatums because a good friend only wants you to be happy in a relationship.

She cares about your feelings, so she won’t force you to pick one thing or give her up.

You don’t hear from her: “You marry me or leave!” speeches because she doesn’t want to push anything.

She knows that anyone who would do that is not relationship material and only cares about herself or her desires.

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8. She’s the one you can have deep conversations with

Sometimes she may not really understand your situation, but that’s only because she’s never been there.

It will never be because she doesn’t care. You will always want to talk to her about something first.

A good friend will always be your first choice to share something because you know that even though she doesn’t understand, she will listen to you and go the extra mile to see where the things you say are coming from.

9. Everything about your relationship with a good friend will feel great

Once you have a grown woman next to you, she will make you feel at home. She will always feel like she is the right choice regardless of any ups and downs the two of you might experience.

You know why? Because the bad moments will be outnumbered at least five times by those good ones.
We all have different tastes and there is nothing wrong with that.

But these 9 traits of a perfect girlfriend should help you in your search for a good girlfriend and hopefully you understand that if you want a serious relationship, you need to look for a mature woman who knows how to date you.