This is how you make sure you feel comfortable at work (never skip your detour)

When you’re busy at work, you run the risk of getting stuck in your head – and losing sight of your body. You shouldn’t want to, because whoever feels good does a better job and goes home fresh and fruity. This way you listen to your body at work.

Eat mindfully

No matter how busy you are, food is always a priority. When you eat mindfully, in a quiet place (never at your desk – you are worth more than that), you recharge yourself and go into the afternoon with new energy. 

Choose foods that give you a boost: lots of fresh vegetables, eggs, beans, nuts. Place a pitcher of water (with a slice of lemon or cucumber) on your desk so you can keep drinking.

Go outside

A stroll is the first thing that comes to mind on a busy day. But just like mindful eating, the fresh air and a little exercise are also perfect ways to recharge. Going outside doesn’t have to take fifteen minutes, but after that you can go back to it (so that really takes less time than struggling with an annoying task, or staring at your screen with writer’s block). 

Other ways to get some extra exercise: take the stairs, walk up to your colleagues instead of emailing them, already run an errand in the area. Or, if you want to go about it rigorously, work out with your colleagues . That seems to do wonders for your motivation.

Phone out of reach

It may sound simple and a bit bland, but it works: put your phone away so far that you just can’t reach it. Then you won’t miss any important calls, but you will limit the endless distraction of apps. As a result, you really feel more energetic and you have much more focus, because constantly reaching for your phone makes you feel drowsy and distracting.

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Customize your workplace

If you are a flex worker or self-employed person who often sits at different workplaces, you may not always feel like adjusting your desk and chair. Do invest those two minutes every day (it’s not much more!) in it. Your back will thank you for it.

Watch your attitude

Take a look at yourself from time to time with a helicopter view: how are you doing? When stressed, many people adopt a cramped position. If you know yourself to huddle when you’re busy, practice changing positions regularly. 

A simple aid like a ball can help enormously – it forces you to sit up straight. Even better: occasionally work standing up.


Yes, you can, at work. At your desk, on the toilet, in the cafeteria or just outside the door. If necessary, it can be done in sixteen seconds, according to the American meditation teacher Davidji. 

You inhale through your nose for four counts, then hold the breath for four seconds, after which you exhale slowly for four counts. Now you wait four seconds, and then you can do it again. However short, this meditation takes you out of your busy day. Meditation brings you more and better ideas.