This Is Why Highly Sensitive People Are The Best Friends

Google says that a highly sensitive person is someone who has the psychic ability to sense the psychological or emotional state of another individual.

We’ve been watching the superheroes in Marvel movies for a while and so many times we’ve imagined how cool it would be to have a friend like that when we actually have better friends – we were just too ignorant to notice.

Highly sensitive people just know things.

That’s the interesting thing; you don’t have to tell them anything. Just by looking at you, they can tell if there’s something wrong with you.

No mask is strong enough to hide the truth from them. It’s more than a hunch, which is why we call it a psychic ability.

They are rarely wrong and the more attuned they are to people, the stronger their gift is. And they can feel the emotions of others and experience them as if they were their own.

This really should be written in a different verb tense, because they do it every second of every day – literally all the time.

They just can’t turn it off. Maybe they don’t want this either. Whatever you feel, they feel it too.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people like to be around highly sensitive people. You can also check out reasons why people cheat.

Because highly sensitive people don’t ask stupid questions and they don’t push you, they know what to say and when to say it.

They know when to give you space and when it is appropriate to enter your personal space.

Tragedies and violence are unbearable to them.

They feel every tragedy and they abhor violence.

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They strive to make the world a warm home for every human being and if they could they would endure the misery of the world on their own.

They feel the pain of people who are far away.

You can imagine how intense the pain they take on from their loved ones.

If they tell you not to welcome a certain person, then don’t.

Whether you’ve just met a man or woman and you want to go out with them and have fun, you want to spend time with them and share some secrets with them or if you’ve met someone you’d like to date.

If a highly sensitive person tells you not to invite them into your personal space, it’s not out of jealousy, but their hunch says so.

Because they know when someone is dishonest. In most situations, they recognize someone’s intentions and that’s why they warn you. They try to spare you the pain.

Sometimes it seems like they want to be friends with everyone.

They are always looking for the next ‘victim’.

People who suffer or are bullied often catch the eye of the highly sensitive and rush to save them.

The disadvantage is that they are often used as garbage dumps.

Strangers even discharge their problems to the highly sensitive and sometimes that can be just too overwhelming.

They are often exhausted in front of fake people.

They are always tired and exhausted by vampires draining their energy.

They empathize too much with someone and they are most often drained by people who take advantage of them.

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Not everyone on this earth is a healer and that’s okay.

It just sucks that these people often feel they have the right to take advantage of good people.

They are intolerant of narcissism and they often avoid people who are very selfish.

That is why highly sensitive people often have a great need for alone time.

Otherwise they just keep running.

They don’t mind lying in their bed and daydreaming for hours.

Sometimes they create a dream world for themselves and live in it for a while.

They create such a place and hold on to it for a while.

This is their way to recharge and to be able to dedicate themselves to the world again.

There’s no point in letting them do things they don’t enjoy.

If they don’t enjoy it, don’t push them.

They may do it to make you happy, but why do this to the one who never feels more important than others?

They need to know ‘why’. They need to know what’s in it for them and if the answer is ‘normal’ they won’t see the point.

Because you will only make sure that they spoil the fun.

They have a free spirit.

Therefore, they do not enjoy ordinary things like others.

They are always up for an adventure , they love freedom and they love to travel .

This gives them a satisfied feeling and they get their pleasure out of this.

They are arguably the best types to take a car trip with and if you decide to go with them, prepare yourself for the best trip ever.

Because they are very creative, the singing, dancing, acting or their vivid imagination is sometimes more than enough.

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They will even do anything if it will make the people around them feel better.

They are the types who are always up for spontaneous things that make people happy and they are never the ones who hesitate when a good opportunity to have fun comes along.

They are excellent listeners.

They are not the types who just listen to your problems and then bring up their own.

No, they listen and they try to put themselves in you.

They genuinely understand you and try to come up with the best solution or even better: they help you to close everything that has happened to you.

Because they strive for the truth (however painful it sometimes gets), they will always choose to tell you the hard truth instead of comforting you with lies.

But they will be there to hold your hand and they will never leave you alone until you can get up on your own.

The interesting thing is that God gave them this gift because He knew they would not abuse it.

He knew they would be the guardian angels on Earth, just like the guardian angels waiting for you in Heaven.

Who wouldn’t want a guardian angel by their side?

This is why highly sensitive people are best friends.